Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious are more than common and often go unspoken in our social circles.  While it may seem like an uncontrollable sensation, stress doesn’t have to be an unending cycle. There’s several ways to naturally remedy stress and pressure, ensuring your mind stays focused on the positive.  Here’s a quick guide of 10 natural remedies for stress:

  1. Practice Regular Exercise

Perhaps the most obvious remedy is heading for that walk or light jog around the block.  Sticking to a regular exercise schedule has been proven to instantly reduce stress and promote a positive self image.  You can start a routine with light intensity and gradually work your way up to that 40-minute run or heavyweight superset.  The hardest step is often putting on your sneakers and taking initiative.  Take care of this minor roadblock by finding an accountability partner or securing an online trainer!  There’s several mobile applications and virtual gym features available to guide your progress.  Rest assured that practicing this natural stress remedy will not only provide a healthy distraction, but also a positive contribution towards self image.

  1. Spend Time with Animals

You know what they say: “You are who you surround yourself with”.  What better natural remedies for stress are there than just hanging out with man’s best friend? Animals such as         your home dog or cat are among the most stress-free personalities around!  Take a break from your day to show them some love and claim their attention.  Several trends have proven that spending some quality time with your pets instantly reduces stress and takes your mind off pressure.  Pet owners have been shown to have lower blood pressure during stressful situations and often display elevated levels of serotonin.  Giving them increased attention could be the natural key to a calmer and relaxed mindset. Treat your pet to a tug-o-war or a calm walk down the block!

  1. Try Aromatherapyeucalyptus aromatherapy mist

Ever walked into a candle store and felt instantly lifted? Aromatherapy plays by the same rules by using natural essential oils to promote relaxation and feelings of well-being.  Plant extracts such as peppermint, lavender, sandalwood, bergamot, and eucalyptus are among the most popular options for relieving stress, boosting energy, and calming nerves.  These extracts can be applied directly to the skin or poured into a humidifier for instant disbursement into your environment. Take a first try at aromatherapy through our Organic Aromatic Eucalyptus Shower Mist!

  1. Implement a Time Management Strategy

Several studies show that one of the primary triggers for stress is the lack of structure in a schedule.  Take a load off your mental pressure by creating time blocks and sticking to a fixed to-do list.  It’s been found effective to break your work days into increments of 45 minute sessions.  This is often enough time to get tasks completed while also keeping a sense of urgency.  Creating a written or programmed schedule could help you organize your time blocks to effectively fit in work, errands, alone time, and relaxation.  Don’t forget to schedule your animal time!

  1. Practice Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation exercises can range from practicing yoga, listening to an interactive deep breathing audio, or even meditation.  Block out time in your day to be alone with yourself and recenter your focus.  Thousands of free interactive audios are available online to provide a natural remedy for stress, anxiety, and calm breathing patterns.  Practicing relaxation exercises helps your body lower blood pressure, and slow down breathing which in turn triggers responses of deep rest.  It’s also important to recognize that not all techniques work for everybody.  Be sure to practice several techniques and adapt your breathing to your body’s reaction.  Getting this into a regular routine could ultimately improve your sleep, energy, mood, and overall well being.  No therapist or group class required!

  1. Secure Your Sleeping Schedule

Quality sleep is among one of the most undermined self-care practices.  It’s crucial to your body that 6-8 hours of deep sleep are regularly claimed for healing, relaxing, and resetting.  Do yourself the favor of establishing a “cut off” time to hit that memory foam.  It may seem like there’s too much to still get done by the time dinner rolls around. However, logging a full night’s rest ultimately pays off throughout the week and may even result in higher productivity during working hours.  Make a habit of “logging off” mentally at a specific time and giving your mind deep rest.  Secure that memory foam time and sleep the stress away!

  1. Find a Cuddle Buddy!

It may be forgotten but not surprising that cuddling with your partner or “friends” does wonders for relieving internal pressures.  It’s known that cuddling releases oxycontin and increases an overall happy feeling.  Try “squeezing” out more of your stress by cuddling more often and mutually easing each other’s day!  Try this natural remedy right before sleep and even use it as an incentive to get a full night’s rest.

  1. Take that Hot Shower

Hot showers do more than just elevating your vocals.  Muscle relaxation, tension relief, and skin softening are all instant benefits of taking a steamy break.  Taking a hot shower is also the perfect time to practice aromatherapy by using our Organic Aromatic Shower Mist!  Relieve your stress, relax your body, and cleanse off the surface all in one.

  1. Voice Your Thoughts

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your social circle and voice your thoughts.  Several social studies have shown that talking through someone about your stressors can help alleviate pressure and even collect helpful advice from your peers.  If you don’t feel like getting too personal, simply chat about something else! Any social interaction away from work could create meaningful conversations or a healthy distraction while you reboot. Finding conversation with your peers may even establish relatable struggles that you could work out collectively.

  1. Top 10 Natural Remedies for StressPractice Healthy Nutrition

The final of the top 10 natural remedies for stress: eating healthy. Stress eating happens to the best of us.  It’s hard not to reach for an innocent bag of barbecue chips or unnecessary brittle bowls.  However, unhealthy eating habits could easily compound into an excess consumption problem and leave you feeling uneasy about your self-image.  Getting on a healthy cycle and watching your meal density is the first step towards a cleaner energy source.