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Organic Eucalyptus Aromatic Shower Mist

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With a eucalyptus shower spray, you can transform your shower into a spa steam room. This Organic Eucalyptus Aromatic Shower Mist allows you to take the spa experience home with you, delivering a luxurious spa-at-home ambiance. Organic therapeutic grade eucalyptus Oil helps to clear the mind, promoting the perfect aromatherapy experience, stress relief, relaxation and clear breathing. Let this delightful eucalyptus scent envelop you and carry you to absolute bliss.

Our eucalyptus oil is 100% organically grown with no pesticides, no herbicides and no GMO. This eucalyptus shower spray is extracted through natural steam distillation and is therapeutic grade with no additives, fillers or bases. It has 1 ingredient: Organic Eucalyptus Oil.


Organic Eucalyptus Oil



pure eucalyptus essential oil


• Extracted Through Natural Steam Distillation
• 100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Oil
• No Additives or Fillers
• No Bases

organic eucalyptus essential oil


• 100% Organically Grown & Natural
• No Pesticides
• No Herbicides
• No GMO

pure eucalyptus globulus 80-85


• Therapeutic Grade
• Tested & Certified for Purity
• Strict Quality Control
• No Compromises or Dilutions

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Spray Benefits


• Aromatherapy to Clear the Mind
• Great for Stress Relief & Relaxation
• Promotes Clear Breathing
• Anti-Bacterial by Nature


OTHER USES for a Eucalyptus Shower Spray:

Eucalyptus shower spray is not just for the shower! Spray in a room for a quick invigorating fresh scent. Our customers love using it on pillows (under the pillowcase), towels, chairs, couches and even in reed diffusers. Take a bottle to work too! It can be used to enhance any space or mood!

This oil is pure organic eucalyptus essential oil, so do not apply directly to skin or use if you are allergic to eucalyptus.

Ethos Natura

Born from an ethos of nature, we create natural and organic products from the purest ingredients to support healthy lifestyles, wellness and blissful moments.

Other Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

• Infuses the entire room with the invigorating, cleansing power of eucalyptus.

• May help with sinus congestion and respiratory problems associated with the common cold

• Eucalyptus has been linked to being an anti-bacterial and a decongestant

• Refreshing and invigorating while also relaxing in nature.

Directions for Use:

Turn on hot shower water. Spray Organic Eucalyptus Aromatic Shower Mist 2-3 times downward, away from eyes, at shower wall. Allow the mist to rise with the steam. For longer showers, repeats as needed to create your own aromatherapy spa experience. For best results, just a few sprays into the corners of your shower walls creates the perfect aromatherapy experience. With 1 spray downward into each corner of your shower, you will feel surrounded and enveloped by the pure bliss of Eucalyptus.

12 reviews for Organic Eucalyptus Aromatic Shower Mist

  1. Kelly

    The scent is incredible. I can definitely tell that this is pure eucalyptus. Its very strong and fills my shower with a great relaxing scent. I will buy this again for sure. Thank you!

  2. Jake L.

    The scent is really good! My only request is a travel size. I want to be able to take this with me when I travel. Love love the smell though!

  3. Shari C.

    This eucalyptus shower spray is amazing! I use it in my shower everyday, but it’s also so wonderful to use on my pillows and chairs. My whole house smells like eucalyptus, and I love it soo so much!

  4. Melissa M.

    Tried it one time and had to subscribe to it. I can tell that I’ll be using it all the time around the house and in my shower… might as well save the 15% haha. Smells just like pure eucalyptus oil! Wow =]

  5. Debi M

    The only thing stopping it from getting 5 stars is that I wish it was a little cheaper because i love spraying it so much. You get what you pay for, and this is the best eucalyptus spray that I have used. The aroma does last for a while so I will probably buy this again!

  6. Randy S

    Mine showed up damaged, but the customer service was actually very helpful and replaced it for me! Great product thank you

  7. Carrie H.

    I am so in love with this smell! I have always loved eucalyptus, but this is the first product that I have tried that smells this great. I have also started adding it to my reed diffusers!

  8. John

    Really nice product. Looks just like the pictures

  9. Ashley M

    I have used other eucalyptus shower sprays before, and this one is simply the best. I love that it is organic!! I haven’t seen an organic eucalyptus spray for the shower before. The sprayer works well and the bottle is so beautiful!

  10. Samantha C.

    We decided to try this out since our new apartment has a much nicer bathroom and we wanted to be able to create a spa experience from home. This was beyond our expectation in terms of smell and performance. Felt extremely relaxing to breathe in the steam from the shower that was now infused with a eucalyptus aroma, clearing out our nasal passages and giving our shower a whole new meaning! We kept saying how nice it was to breath in the smell, and we are very happy overall with how natural it is made, makes us not worry about the animals as much (we do have cats so we locked them out of bathroom while using this product since eucalyptus can be harmful to them, but happy to know this product is produced extremely naturally). Overall after 3-4 uses, very very happy, and it is hard to imagine I won’t be buying again once the bottle is nearing its end.

  11. Doug

    My wife has been extremely stressed lately with work and juggling new mom life. Finding time for a relaxing spa day is not in the cards right now. But I wanted to surprise her with something she could use at home to give her that same experience/relaxation. She absolutely loves it and I scored major brownie points. I actually found myself using it as well. Great product! I would highly recommend it. Especially to those that want to feel for a few minutes there in a beautiful spa and not your own shower. I gave 4 stars because nothing beats actually being at the spa lol.

  12. Ellie

    This ethos spray has actually been one of the highlights of my day over the past few weeks. I had one gifted to me from a friend and wanted to share that positive moment with others. I have since purchased and sent them to multiple people. It’s very relaxing and natural, and let’s you forget the world for a moment.

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