While staying indoors is currently one of the safest practices for keeping yourself and others healthy, it could also be carrying a heavy toll on mental health.   Having social limitations and restrictions to the freedom we once had can be a hard lifestyle to navigate.  Finding new ways to stay motivated, relaxed, and focused indoors has become a developing skill for seemingly everyone.  In situations where this may not be the easiest practice, here’s some simple self-care tips to incorporate into your daily routine:

DIY Self-Care Practices for Quarantine

1) Treat Yourself to a Spa-at-Home Day

In the chance where your local massage bar or medspa may be closed, there’s other ways to elevate home corners and create that blissful, mental cleansing environment.  Grab your favorite face mask, fill up the hot tub, and pull out the indie playlist.  There’s nothing more relaxing than treating your skin and unwinding to Twenty One Pilots. Top off your indoor spa with a few sprays of Ethos Natura’s Organic Aromatic Eucalyptus Shower Mist!  Misting this aromatic eucalyptus oil instantly promotes clear breathing and stress relief for a perfect self-care spa day during Quarantine.

2) Explore Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy (also known as essential oil therapy) is the use of essential oils derived from plants to trigger smell receptors and send positive signals to the brain.  These oils are typically pure and aren’t mixed with other chemicals or artificial fragrances. They can be applied directly to the skin or diffused into the air to reap their benefits.  Research shows that essential oil aromatherapy has been shown to ease stress, anxiety and depression.  It may also boost feelings of relaxation.  We highly recommend using a pure eucalyptus oil for its multi-purpose properties and relaxing aroma!

3)  Freshen up your Resting Environment

Don’t overlook your resting quarters!  A clear and working mind starts from the moment you wake up or go to bed.  People choose to invest in their resting environment differently, whether it be a comforting memory foam mattress, a high quality sheet thread, or weighted comforters.  Another way to elevate your sleeping space is by looking into scented options for sheets, pillow cases, or comforters.  Carefully selecting an appropriate scent could strengthen the positive connection between yourself and rest.  Looking to DIY? We recommend a few sprays of our Organic Eucalyptus Mist under the pillowcase for a refreshing and stress relieving light aroma.

4) Make Sure Your Basic Needs Are in Check 

While reminding yourself to keep the basics covered may seem unnecessary, you’d be surprised by how often daily chores go unchecked.  Take a moment out of your day to check on the slow pile of dishes, restock vegetables, start the laundry, or literally take a shower. A little DIY self-care during quarantine could help with not procrastinating on the basics which clutter your headspace and trigger unnecessary stress. Do more, worry less!

5)  Stay Active Indoors (include an accountability partner to participate remotely)

Everyone knows exercise is among the top activities for relieving stress and taking your eyes off the workload.  Make a routine of practicing indoor healthy habits through online classes or guided video tutorials. Doing an old fashioned jog around the neighborhood is still as accessible as before and serves a great way to separate an unwinding task from indoor responsibilities.  Having trouble staying motivated? Keep an accountability partner to exercise at the same time or to share you quarantine self-care fitness routine!

6) Reach Out to Old Friends/Make New Ones

Keeping contact with your loved ones or close friends is thankfully no hard task.  Virtual communication and video chat has come a long way and has even been the main driver for long distance relationships and business partners.  Scroll through your contact list and reach out!  Now’s a great chance to catch up, relate through conversation, or even spark a new idea with newfound industry friends who have extra time.

7) Self Meditate through Apps or Guided Audio

Podcasts, free online audio, and dedicated mobile applications have made meditation and relaxation methods more accessible than ever before.  Whether you need help regulating breathing patterns, a bedtime story, or a guided meditation class – there’s content out there.  Schedule time before the start of a busy week or at the end of the to-do list to try out a guided audio!

8) Schedule Your “Worry Time” 

Certain activities tend to trigger negative emotions or a sense of forced comparison.  Checking the news, social media, or even dealing with an inevitable chore list may not be the most positive agent of your daily DIY self-care during quarantine agenda.  Finding time to schedule these possibly worrisome tasks will help consolidate the stressful periods of a day.

9)  Nothing says “DIY Self-Care” like Joining Support Forums

Reddit, twitter, and even self-organized group chats on Snapchat and Instagram could be the perfect way to find a “support group”.  Support groups don’t necessarily mean you have a substance abuse addiction or have lost a loved one.  Online support groups/forums could be a simple way to connect with others across the country who share similar hobbies, career paths, or niche obsessions.  For example, can’t seem to find a local friend who obsesses about their essential oil collection just as much as you do? Hop on the Instagram comments of our Ethos Natura Instagram page (@ethos.natura) or give your input on reddit aromatherapy forums!

10) Reorganize -Or For Some, Organize- Your Living Space

Many will tell you that if it is not broken, don’t fix it. But what if a living space is simply getting boring? Taking on a new layout could be the start to a new mindset or even a cleaner interior design. Rethinking the living space could be turned into a fun DIY self-care during quarantine project and serves as a great bonding activity for your partner or quarantine buddies! While planning your new layout: what can be made functional? Should you get rid of unnecessary furniture/old board games?  How can you better organize your belongings?  Is the color story or furniture selection still resonating?

Mental health often goes unspoken and even ignored internally in fear of confronting “off the grid” issues.  While you may find that our current reality has had a negative effect on your daily agenda, there’s many ways to “keep it going”. Applying some of these daily action items to your routine is a great step towards enhancing or making relief of our current normal.